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The 5 Common Mistakes that New Runners Make to Immediately Ruin  Weight-loss Results

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Dan Hannah

Owner, Bucketlist Fit

UESCA Certified Running Coach

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    How To Get Past THE BIGGEST Pitfall Preventing You From Getting Fit Right Now. Everyone needs this tip, simple as that.
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    How You Practically Guarantee Failure When You Start Running Because Of This Reason Alone (I made this mistake for many years).
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    Why some people run for years and NEVER LOSE A POUND and How YOU can avoid this simple problem.
  • How To Push Yourself The Right Way to AVOID INJURIES and INCREASE RESULTS, Using Something Special I've Named the "High-Low" Technique

Hi, I'm Dan Hannah. And I live and breath running. I've used running to lose over 30 pounds of fat. And through years of trial and error, I've developed some pretty powerful systems & tools that help beginner runners maximize their weight-loss goals, even if you can't run a step right now.

Save yourself time and the struggle I had to go through.

Watch this before you even run your first step.


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